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Teleuse@BOP4 user profiles (video)

As a part of Teleuse@BOP4, four teleuser profiles were captured on film, exploring predominantly the productive use of mobile phones.

Poonam Devi, beautician from Bihar, India


Poonam’s life has been transformed since she started using a mobile phone in 2007. It helped her to develop a small business as a beautician. She promotes herself and keeps in touch with her customers through the mobile. Her income – an average of INR 2,000 a month (approx USD 40)


Rann Vijay Kumar, agricultural first handler from Bihar, India


Rann Vijay regularly buys vegetables and cereals directly from farmers, which he then stores and sells to wholesalers. He relies heavily on his mobile phone: to stay in touch with both his supplier farmers and buyers, and to know the latest market prices. Prior to using a mobiles, he used public phones, or passed messages around. Today, he travels less and talks more. On average, he makes about INR 5,000 a month (USD 99).


Mohammed Doyal, electrician from Bangladesh

Mohammad Doyal uses two mobile phones and multiple SIMs to juggle business and leisure. When not working, he browses the web  and downloads pictures, videos and music. He and friends sometimes bet on cricket match outcomes: the winner receives phone reloads from the others. Mobile phones also become informal collateral when Doyal occasionally lends money to his friends. On average, he makes about BDT 8,000 a month (USD 96).


Dhammika Kumara, three-wheeler driver from Sri Lanka


Dhammika Kumara, who runs hires on his own three-wheeler, has been using a mobile phone since 2001. It allows him to schedule and juggle multiple hires: his regular customers call him, or he calls them to coordinate.  On average, he makes about LKR 15,000 a month (USD 140).


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