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REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL: We are inviting Proposals from potential Bidders to conduct a qualitative study on ICT accessibility for persons with disabilities in Myanmar. Click here for more information. Deadline for submissions: 09 April 2018.

Human Capital Research


HCR program explores new approaches to human capital development by mapping and analyzing the state of education, training and knowledge production in developing Asia, and identifying ways of using ICTs and knowledge networks to fill the gaps. Team leader is Dr. Sujata Gamage.

Higher Education

General Education

  • Strategies for training teachers to integrate ICT in education: A systematic review   Final report  Video
  • Proposals for new education Act prepared for the 2007 Committee to Formulate a new Act by the Sri Lanka Education Forum.
  • Right to education is meaningless without accountability in the education sector. Sujata Gamage (2008). Law and Society Trust Review (Sri Lanka). Volume 18 Issue 248 June, pp 1-8
  • Competencies for a holistic education, Sinhala/English (Adaptation of basic competencies in the teacher handbook for Grade 3 , Sri Lanka)
  • An experiment in holistic education in the primary grades in an education zone in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka during 2013-2014; Research brief; Full report
  • Holistic Education Guides, 2014 (දරුවන් ජීවිතයෙන් සමත් කරවන අධ්‍යාපනයක් සඳහා මං පෙත, 2014)

Green Jobs

Knowledge Mapping in Communication Policy Research
Knowledge to Innovation in Local Government
Knowledge Management/Knowledge Networks
  • Communities of Practice for Inter-organizational Knowledge Management: An Empirical Study, KMICE 2012, Johor Bahru, Malaysia


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