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Tsunami Memorial Research Fund

In March 2005, LIRNEasia completed its first disaster warning research project, in partnership with the Vanguard Foundation. The research resulted in a concept (National Early Warning System: Sri Lanka, NEWS:SL ) paper outlining the required institutional framework for an effective disaster warning system for Sri Lanka, capable of communicating warnings for any hazard. The professional fees for the Sri Lankan researchers (Samarajiva, Knight-John and Zainudeen) were donated from this project to create the LIRNEasia Tsunami Memorial Research Fund (TMRF), within the LIRNEasia account. Contributions were also made by LIRNE.NET and Professor Robin Mansell.

The TMRF has been used to fund further disaster-related projects and activities. It has enabled LIRNEasia to respond quickly to demands in the disaster warning space. Where possible, additional funds have been mobilized for this work. But the TMRF has enabled LIRNEasia to take on projects when its initiative was needed, not when the money was available; it has also enabled LIRNEasia to “lose money” on disaster projects when it needed to spend extra to get the desired results.

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