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Myanmar’s economic landscape has experienced much change in the recent past, with a pivot from a centrally directed system to a market led one. The liberalization of its telecommunications sector was followed by a sharp rise in the number of mobile subscriptions per 100. LIRNEasia has been engaging in work in Myanmar since 2012 with MIDO, and has been working to catalyse the country’s movement towards becoming an inclusive, networked economy.

In its latest project, LIRNEasia has focused on taking an all-fronts approach. It focuses on addressing, the four elements in the Internet ecosystem in a single project: infrastructure enabling affordable connectivity services, skilled users, low cost and user-friendly devices, and attractive content and applications.

LIRNEasia carries out three kinds of activities: research, capacity building, and policy advocacy.

For more information on some of our specific research projects: | 2015-2018 project | 2012-2014 project

Contact: Gayani Hurulle

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  • Samarajiva, R. & Hurulle, G. (2017) Measuring Disbursement Efficacy of Universal Service Funds: Case Studies from India, Malaysia, Pakistan & Sri Lanka. Conference paper presented at CPRsouth 2017, Yangon, Myanmar.Paper
  • Hurulle, G., Zainudeen, A. and Galpaya, H. (2017) Hello from the other side: Have Myanmar’s mobile adoption trends changed over the years? Conference paper presented at CPRsouth 2017, Yangon, Myanmar. Paper
  • Galpaya, H., Zainudeen, A. and Hurulle, G. (2016) Factors affecting women’s ability to purchase mobile phones in Myanmar. Conference paper presented at CPRsouth 2016, Zanzibar, Tanzania. Paper Slides
  • Suthaharan,P., Zainudeen, A., and Galpaya, H. (2016)  Understanding Gender Variance in Mobile Ownership in Myanmar. Conference paper presented at CPRsouth 2016, Zanzibar, Tanzania. Paper Slides
  • Rajapakse, C. N., Zainudeen, A., Galpaya, H., and Suthaharan, P. (2016) Factors influencing use of mobile data services among women in Myanmar. Conference paper presented at CPRsouth 2016, Zanzibar, Tanzania. Paper Slides
  • Samarajiva, R. (2016) Policy challenges in embracing mobile technology to promote socioeconomic development: The case of Myanmar. Conference paper presented at QualComm-LKY School Research Conference, Singapore. Paper Slides
  • Samarajiva, R. and Hurulle, G. (2016) Regulation under constrained capacity: Lessons for Myanmar. Conference paper presented at ITS 2016, Taipei, Taiwan. Paper Slides
  • Galpaya, H., Zainudeen, A., Rajapakse, C., and Kapugama, N. (2015). Information/communication habits and needs of the low income micro entrepreneurs in Myanmar and the role for mobile phones. Conference paper presented at CPRsouth 2016, Taipei, Taiwan. Paper
  • Hurulle, G., Bandaranaike, R., and Win Tun, H. (2014) Opportunities for job creation in the ICT and BPM sectors in Myanmar. Paper presented to the Deputy Minister. Paper

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