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Pro-poor CRM

A component of LIRNEasia‘s 2012-2014 research focused on how customer service practices in the delivery of government services, electricity and telecom services can be improved in terms of serving the needs of urban, poor, micro-entrepreneurs. The study was carried out in Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) practices in telecom (mobile phones), electricity and government were studied both from the supply side (from the operators’ point of view) and the demand side (the users’ point of view).

To examine the CRM practices of mobile telecom operators, electricity distributors and government service providers, the research team conducted desk research and stakeholder interviews with experts and senior level personnel in all three sectors.  The research draws from the successes of the telecom sector in managing its customer relationships to be incorporated into electricity distribution and government service delivery.

In order to examine the user’s perspective (demand side) LIRNEasia conducted a quantitative survey and qualitative study. The focus was on the needs of urban micro entrepreneurs.  The quantitative component looked at what services in the three sectors (telecom, electricity and e-gov) need to be changed to serve the MEs better. The research was conducted in Dhaka in Bangladesh, Delhi and Patna in India and Colombo in Sri Lanka.  The qualitative component examined how the services identified in the quantitative component can be re-designed to serve MEs better.

Dissemination of the research findings is currently in progress.


Final reports

CRM practices in the Electricity Distribution sector in Bangladesh: Supply side perspectives on improving customer service delivery

CRM practices in Electricity Distribution in India – Supply side perspective

eGovernance in municipalities: Improving the delivery of services to micro-enterprises and urban poor

Customer Lifecycle Management practices in the Telecom sector in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh: Supply side perspective

CRM practices in the Electricity sector in Sri Lanka: Supply side perspective

Consumer Relationship Management and Related Issues in the Mobile Telecom Industry in India

eGovernance in Bangladesh: Current Status and Way Forward

What do the telecom sector experiences offer to public service delivery?

Methodology note on low-income, urban micro-entrepreneurs: Quantitative survey


LIRNEasia’s dissemination workshop – 18th February, Colombo (including survey results and solutions)

LIRNEasia’s presentation for Ceylon Electricity Board

LIRNEasia’s dissemination workshop – 27 May 2014, New Delhi (including survey results and solutions)

LIRNEasia presentation to Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL) – 29 May 2014

LIRNEasia’s dissemination workshop 30 April 2014, Dhaka (including survey results and solutions)

Proposed  solutions in the telecom, electricity and government services

Solution briefs – Electricity sector

Consumers lack knowledge about power outages

Addressing consumer complaints

Lack of efficient use of electricity

Lack of property rights prevents access to electricity

Solution briefs – Telecom sector

Involuntary activation of value added services

Call drops and network coverage are problems

Not recognizing low-income micro-entrepreneurs; a missed opportunity


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