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REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL: We are inviting Proposals from potential Bidders to conduct a qualitative study on ICT accessibility for persons with disabilities in Myanmar. Click here for more information. Deadline for submissions: 09 April 2018.

Thailand TRE results gain media coverage

The release of Thai TRE results by the principal researcher from TDRI, Dr Deunden Nikomborirak, and myself last week has resulted in significant media coverage, including this piece in the Nation (though I would have preferred a milder headline). A survey of Thailand’s telecom regulatory and policy environment (TRE) has given the country a score […]

India, Pakistan and Indonesia have improved Telecom Regulatory Environments since 2008, according to stakeholders.

  According the LIRNEasia’s 2011 Telecom Regulatory Environment (TRE) survey, stakeholders in India, Pakistan and Indonesia have identified the telecom regulatory environments in their countries as improved since 2008, the last time the survey was carried out.   In contrast, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, the Philippines have seen the regulatory environments decline in effectiveness, while Thailandremains more-or-less […]

LIRNEasia researcher appointed Secretary to Minister of Finance Thailand

Our colleague who was a member of the six-country research study, Deunden Nikomborirak, has been appointed secretary to the new Minister of Finance in the interim Thai government.   The news coverage of the appointment of the new Minister also mentions Deunden as one of his other pro-market colleagues.  The new Minister, for example, had criticized […]


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