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REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL: We are inviting Proposals from potential Bidders to conduct a qualitative study on ICT accessibility for persons with disabilities in Myanmar. Click here for more information. Deadline for submissions: 09 April 2018.

CISCO on LTE at the GSMA Public Policy Forum in Shanghai

Bob Pepper of Cisco is speaking on LTE, with specific reference to the 700 MHz Band. If the FCC had the knowledge it now has about how to make the digital transition work, they would have taken back 160 MHz, not 108 MHz. Auction for the digital dividend spectrum in US was in 2007, but […]

Is Bangladesh the first in the region to announce plans for 700MHz Band?

If other countries have announced plans, please tell us. By region we mean South Asia, but even SE is fine. Of course, there’s the gap between cup and lip. Announcing is one thing. Actually getting the job done is another. Hope Bangladesh will be first in assigning spectrum too. The telecom regulator is reviewing the […]

What to do with the digital dividend

The Negroponte Switch sees all that was wireless becoming wired. That means no spectrum for broadcasters. Next best is less spectrum. The digital dividend. The 700 MHz Band. What to do with it? India could have taken the lead but now it’s the Europeans. The European Commission will urge the 27 European Union countries Wednesday […]


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