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Canada’s broadband quality below threshold?

Canada is woefully positioned for future internet usage and the quality of current broadband networks is barely enough to cope with current traffic because of a lack of investment by providers, according to a new study. The survey, conducted by the Oxford Said Business School in London and the Universidad de Oviedo in Spain and […]

Pakistan is not the only country that blocks Internet


The Economist is not correct saying ‘No Evidence’ of Internet blocking in Sri Lanka, and in Laos and Cambodia the Internet usage is low so blocking does not make any difference. As shown, even in Asia the attitude of officialdom varies when it comes to filtering content of a social nature. In many places agreements are set […]

Realistic vision of mobile 2.0 at the BOP

A thoughtful contribution by someone who is developing a voice interface for the mobile internet. The Mobile Web is NOT helping the Developing World… and what we can do about it. By Nathan Eagle | This is not to say that these billions of mobile phones do not have the potential to access content […]

Asia Pacific Internet use lags behind rest of the world

New research has found that even though the Asia Pacific region accounts for one third of the world’s online population, PC-based Internet usage there is lower than in the rest of the world  The study covers 10 Asia Pacific countries and says that in May there were nearly 284 million people aged 15 or older […]


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