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Sri Lanka: Senior citizen plans legal action against Telecom Regulator

Senior citizen and former left wing politician Vasudeva Nanayakkara, who drew attention as a public activist as the successful petitioner in the Lanka Marine Services Ltd., (LMSL), is now threatening to take up another public interest issue in court – failure of the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission’s (TRC) to comply with a Supreme Court (SC) order of […]

Sri Lanka: Emperor’s new CDMA laws

Even Udurawana, the local version of the legendary not-so-bright Sardarji, will not let it go without having a hearty laugh at the expense of new CDMA laws of Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC). Imposed few weeks back, they specify CDMA phones can be used only at the address it is issued to. (CDMA technology is used […]

Developing a prioritized set of actions to grow the Sri Lanka telecom sector

The Sri Lanka telecom regulator has taken a welcome step to consult stakeholders on a regulatory agenda.   Interesting list has been generated (my top item, transparent licensing within a defined framework, is missing, but I won’t complain just yet).   The test of this exercise is twofold:  What will be the highest priority items and how […]

Regulation and investment

In the coming year, LIRNEasia intends to launch a number of activities intended to support the work of young scholars working on telecom reform issues of relevance to emerging Asia. As part of this effort we intend to provide self-archiving facilities for conference papers and journal articles, and provide a degree of exposure and commentary […]

Do Policy & Regulation Matter?

Nov 17, 2005, infoDev session, organized in partnership with IDRC    A panel of distinguished experts responded to this broad question dealing with what role policymakers and regulators can play in balancing the public interest and fostering a flexible environment for ICT innovations. Rohan Samarajiva’s response is available as a video. [please allow file to load […]


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