Bharti Airtel to launch Sri Lanka operations in December 2008

Posted on November 4, 2008  /  142 Comments

Leading telecom operator Bharti Airtel will launch operations in Sri Lanka in December, a top official announced on Monday.

“We will roll out the services next month as all formalities are done and issues relating to inter-connectivity have been sorted out,” Bharti Enterprises vice-chairman and managing director Rajan Mittal told reporters in New Delhi.

The telecom giant had been facing problems of inter-connection, with local carriers not willing to give inter-connections to the company.

Source: Hindustan Times, Nov 04


  1. Could you tell me when I have register in order to get a Airtel phone connected? and please let me know the call charges or tariff to my mail add. If not can I have a contact telephone number in Sri Lanka – Colombo District so that I can clarify my doubts.

    Thank You in advance..

  2. hey Guys & Gals,
    Do you believe that Airtel is coming here because of their kindness towards Sri Lankans..? oh..I don’t believe…coz I know much about Airtel & following facts will guide you..(I challenge Airtel to give counter arguments for those..)

    1. Airtel is using cheapest Chinese Equipments, that’s why they can come with lower charges

    2. The performance will degrade very sooner (less than 1 year), then all the subscribers will have to suffer.

    3. they are coming with both 2G & 3G…still now they are struggling with 2G (GSM). The products they’ve used for 2G are from the rejected brand from most of other Operators. Therefor their 2G (GSM) network is still having many problems & it’ll be one of worst network in the World

    4. their delay in launching in Sri Lanka was mainly due to Point (3)

    5. Airtel’s performance in India is no doubt. Its superior. the simple reason is they use high quality European product. But how can we have a guarantee of similar performance here with these Chinese low quality products..?

    6. Just think about Global Trends. In future Indians & Chinese will enter into world market & they’ll extract all the profits from other Nations. (Airtel is coming with both Chinese & Indian involvement- this will not be good for Sri Lanka in future)

    7. Bharathi (india) Airtel’s one of major intentions is to use Sri Lanka as a place for their Testings (as a test bed). This will cause high power, Microwave emissions which can cause for health effects (headache, Cancer..Gene Abnormalities)

    Above are only some facts…Sri Lankans, You may know some other facts too…specially People from Technical Areas may add more into this.

    Lets see the things with open mind…this is our country, we are Sri Lankans…!!

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  8. Itz great day Airtel will be launched as soon as poissible. I’ve already applied for a postpaid package. Hope dat thre’l be more coverage than othr networks in Sri Lanka. Contact me if for vacancies…

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  22. Airtel Human Resourcs Manager,I Would Like To Work With Airtel Mobile Network. If You Have Customer Care Ajent Or Not Any Computer Side Vacancy Please Kindly Tell Me.. My Contact Number : +940725179830 / +940254904223.
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  25. hellO!!!!!!!!!!! already I’ve done the registration and I want to knOW ABOUT THE AIRTEL post paid rates! SO ARGENT!If you can make it now its great! send me the informations to my email.

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