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Systematic Reviews

The systematic review method is gaining traction in the fields of social science and international development. The method is championed by international agencies such the UK Department for International Development (DFID) and the World Bank. DFID, AusAid and 3ie have made considerable amount of funding available for trained systematic reviewers.

A systematic review (SR) synthesizes and summarizes the best available evidence on a specific research question. The SR method originated in the field of medicine and since then has where a need arose to systematically bring together the available evidence.

Since 2012, LIRNEasia has been involved in a number of systematic review projects funded by 3ie, IDRC and DFID. Details of these can be found below.

Current Projects

The South Asia Research Hub (SARH) of DFID funds the Systematic Review Programme for South Asia. The programme is being implemented by a consortium, which is led by PwC with the EPPI-Centre functioning as the quality assurance team and LIRNEasia functioning as the capacity building team.
Contact: Chiranthi Rajapakse

Completed Projects

|Impacts of mobile phones Mobile phone interventions for improving economic and productive outcomes| This research was funded primarily by the 31e.

Three systematic reviews focused on Education and ICTs, MSMEs and mobile financial services were funded by IDRC. The project also focused on building capacity of researchers in Asia and Africa to conduct systematic reviews.
Contact: Gayani Hurulle

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