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LIRNEasia Research Manager at CPR LATAM Conference in Bogota and 3rd Conference on Regulation of Infrastructures in Florence

LIRNEasia Research Manager Roshanthi Lucas Gunaratne presented the National Broadband Initiatives of India, Malaysia and Indonesia during the International Broadband Round table session at the CPR LATAM ( Bogota on 30th May 2014. The purpose of this conference was to bring together scholars, members from the private sector and regulators to learn from the studies and experiences that all of them have encountered as they work in the field of ICT policy in the Latin American Region. Other National Broadband Initiatives presented during the International Broadband Roundtable were Australia and New Zealand (Fernando Beltran – University of New Zealand),  South Africa (Alison Gillwald – Research ICT Africa), Mexico (Judith Mariscal – CIDE, Mexico) and Argentina and Brazil (Hernán Galperin – Universidad de San Andrés, Argentina). The presentation slides are found here. The presentation can be watched below, starting at the 1 hour 32 minute mark.

On the 13th June 2014, she presented her paper ‘National Broadband Networks: What works and what doesn’t’ at the 3rd Conference on Regulation of Infrastructures: Taking Stock of Current Challenges organized by the Florence School of Regulation. The presentation was a comparison of the National Broadband Networks of India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia. The slides that were presented are here. The complete paper is here.14431647231_f123dd2fd4_b


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