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Nepal broadband policy and regulation course starts in four days

A course with the following objectives, attended by over 30 persons from all sectors of Nepal society, will commence on 14th July.

To enable members of Nepal civil-society groups and media personnel marshal available research and evidence for effective participation in broadband policy and regulatory processes including interactions with media, thereby facilitating and enriching policy discourse on means of increasing broadband access by the poor and persons with disabilities. Those from government and the private sector will also benefit.

The objective of the course is to produce discerning and knowledgeable consumers of research who are able to engage in broadband policy and regulatory processes.
At the end of the course attendees will:
 Be able to find and assess relevant research and evidence
 Be able to summarize the research in a coherent and comprehensive manner
 Have an understanding of broadband policy and regulatory processes in Nepal

The course is supported by the Ford Foundation and is the seventh in a series of courses offered in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka since 2013. The distinguishing feature in this course is that issues related to broadband access by the differently abled and in the context of disasters will be addressed. It is being offered in collaboration with ISOC Nepal and the Center for Law and Technology, Nepal.


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