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Sujata Gamage, PhD, MPA

Team Leader, Human Capital Research Program

Sujata is a scientist who specializes in knowledge
management ‐‐ the art and science of connecting
people and organizations to each other and to the
knowledge they need, to do what they do better. Her
current research is on knowledge management in local
government in Sri Lanka where there are 330+
institutions that function more or less autonomously.
She explores means of connecting these institutions
for better performance. The methodologies that she
develops in relation to solid‐waste management will
be applicable to other local government services or to
government services in general. She also studies the
role of universities in developing countries, assessing their capacity and experimenting with
creative ways of connecting them to the development processes.
Tools that she uses include (a) competency standards for a given sector (b) peer‐to‐peer training
(c) the sharing and propagation of good practices through traditional and/or new media and (d)
competitions to improve performance and (d) facilitation of links between universities and local
government authorities.
Previously she has served as (a) strategic planning specialist at the Ohio State University, USA,
developing an academic quality scorecard for that university (b) the Analytic Director of a team of
consultants at QRC Macro International in Bethesda, Maryland, USA, responsible for conducting
and reporting on science resources for the US National Science Foundation and (c) the Director
General of the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission of Sri Lanka, revitalizing the
implementation of an ADB funded project on a national vocational qualification framework for Sri
Her consultancies include a “Faculty Quality Report” for public university system in Sri Lanka and
the “Corporate Plan for 2003‐2008” for the University Grants Commission of Sri Lanka, reports on
“Quality through Connectedness for Universities in Small Developing Countries” and “Knowledge
for Development: Role of Universities in Developing Countries” for the International Development
Research Center (IDRC) of Canada.

Sujata Gamage, PhD MPA, specializes in data analytics for public policy including institutional research, performance evaluations, scoping studies and systematic reviews, using statistical methods and simulations, with a focus on education, ICT in education, research, research networks and public sector performance. She is currently the Team Leader of the Human Capital Research Program at LIRNEasia, a regional think tank based In Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Sujata’s service in government includes serving as Administrator for research programs at Ohio Board of Regents, USA; consultant to the University Grants Commission of Sri Lanka, and the Director General of the Tertiary and Vocational Commission of Sri Lanka. She has also worked as a strategic planning specialist at the Ohio State University, USA, and analytic director at QRC international, a private consulting company in Bethesda USA.  Sujata’s career in science included time as a member of faculty in the University of Colombo and as a researcher at the Ohio State University.

She contributes to weekly newspaper columns in English and Sinhala on human capital issues and serves as knowledge mapping consultant to Communication Policy Research south (CPRsouth), an initiative to identify and foster policy intellectuals in emerging Asia. She has served as a member of the Standing committee on Tertiary and Technical Education at the National Education Commission of Sri Lanka and a member of the Human Resource Committee of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce.

Sujata holds PhD in chemistry from the University of British Columbia and a subsequent Master’s in Public Administration from the Ohio State University of USA.


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