Babu Ram Aryal

Policy Fellow

Mr. Babu Ram Aryal, a Kathmandu, Nepal based lawyer, has over 15 years of experience on Telecommunication (Including Internet and Cyber Law) and Media Technology, Intellectual Property, International Business, Foreign Investment and other commercial laws. Mr. Aryal has significant intervention at national and international level research on law and policy. He led the consulting service of Drafting ICT Bill, 2018 and Coordinated the Consultation Meeting of Stakeholders on Cyber Crime Bill, 2018.

Mr. Aryal is Vice Chair of Multi-stakeholder Steering Group of Nepal IGF ( and Program Committee Chair of Nepal School on Internet Governance. He is also an ICANN, Internet Society’s Next Generation and CPR South Young Fellow. He has participated and conducted various Internet Governance related activities at national as well international level and Includes IGF, Asia Pacific Internet Governance Forum (APrIGF) and has participated various other IGF forums and includes ICANN public meetings, Global Conference on Cyberspace, Stockholm Internet Forum, Freedom Online Coalition and others.

He received LLM from Pune University, India. He was ANOX Fellow at Oxford and participated Cybersecurity Policy Sequence at US Telecommunication Training Institute, USA.

His major areas, as a lawyer of practice, are:
Cyber Crime | Cyber Lawyer | Cyber Law | E-Commerce | International Law | Internet Law | International Contract | Telecommunication Law | VOIP Crime| Foreign Investment| Capital Market Law| Due Diligence | Banking Law | Insurance Law | Corporate Law | Company Registration | Joint Venture Agreement | Project Finance | E-Commerce Law | Arbitration | Compliance | Patent/Trademarks/Copyrights Registration | Intellectual Property Rights | Sports Law| Media Law| Privacy and Defamation| Right to Information