Chammi Gunatilake


Chammi worked in LIRNEasia’s Knowledge to Innovation project as a researcher. She conducted the survey on good practices for local government authorities in solid-waste management, examining the use of networks among solid-waste managers for fostering innovation in services. She also coordinated and assisted training programs for solid-waste workers of the Colombo Municipal Council, aimed at informing households about effective waste-management practices.

Chammi worked at LIRNEasia for three years as a researcher, from September 2008 to September 2011. She was mainly involved in the project ‘Knowledge linkages among solid-waste managers in local government authorities.’

“I participated in a five-city survey to measure efficiency of solid-waste management practices implemented by five local authorities. I also worked in the 3R project under Dr Sujata Gamage,” says Chammi. This work exposed Chammi to research activities such as designing survey questionnaires, supervising field staff, performing pilot surveys, implementing surveys and analyzing data.

Chammi is presently a teacher of biology and chemistry at the Bond International School, in Kirulapane, Sri Lanka where she teaches classes up to the Ordinary Levels. Chammi says her work at LIRNEasia has contributed towards her current work to some extent.

I think the experiences and knowledge I gained at LIRNEasia has made it possible for me to give my students a better idea about environmental problems and waste management methods in the country. The knowledge I gained from the 3R project has also contributed towards teaching environment related subject areas,” says Chammi.

Meanwhile, her research background has come in useful in helping students do their research for class room activities and also in teaching research methodologies to students.  “Teachers do not have practical experience in conducting research and application of different research techniques. So their knowledge of research is more theoretical than practical.  However, I have been able to teach the course module on Research Methodologies more effectively, as I am able to illustrate how to apply these methodologies in real life,” says Chammi.