Dimuthu Ratnadiwakara


Dimuthu joined LIRNEasia in February 2007, serving as the in-house statistician. He led the statistical analyses of the use of ICTs among the bottom of the pyramid, and was involved in research exploring the use of ICTs in reducing transaction costs in agricultural markets. He was involved in the development of a decentralized database for the collection of accurate ICT statistics amongst regional telecom regulators. Dimuthu left LIRNEasia in February 2009 to join DFCC Bank, Sri Lanka, as a risk analyst.

Dimuthu joined LIRNEasia as a statistical analyst in February 2007, during the last stages of his degree in Statistics and Computer Science, at the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. He worked at LIRNEasia for two years until February 2009.  At present, he manages his own consultancy firm Liege Capital Pvt Ltd, that he started in January 2011. The company specialises in asset management and debt restructuring.

“There is no operational connection between my work at LIRNEasia and my consultancy, but LIRNEasia did influence my current choice of employment in other ways,” says Dimuthu.

Dimuthu worked on the ‘Teleuse at the Bottom of the Pyramid’ project at LIRNEasia that examined how low income communities in Asian countries use the telephone for various purposes. He was also involved in consultancy projects undertaken by LIRNEasia’s consultancy arm, Connectasia. This involvement in consultancy assignments, says Dimuthu, has been the most useful aspect where his current work is concerned, “because it was then that I learned how to bid for consultancy assignments.”

As he had no prior experience working as a consultant, says Dimuthu, he did not know the process involved in procuring consultancy projects.  “However, as part of my work, I was exposed to bidding, preparing project proposals, making presentations and report writing. I also became familiar with the management of consultancies and general processes and procedures associated with consultancy projects. This knowledge has been extremely useful in my current work,” explains Dimuthu.

LIRNEasia also influenced Dimuthu in other ways that he thinks contributed towards his personal development and career choice.  “Dr Harsha de Silva in particular had a huge influence on my way of thinking as a young person straight out of university,” he says.  The overall experience of working at LIRNEasia, says Dimuthu, changed his way of thinking and helped build self confidence to start his own venture.

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