Gayashi Jayasinghe


Gayashi is a Researcher at LIRNEasia. She currently manages research projects on persons with disabilities and assistive technologies covering India and Sri Lanka. The aim of these projects are to influence policy on independent living of persons with disabilities while promoting the use of digital/mobile technologies to improve social inclusion of marginalised communities. She is also working on public utilities policy and regulation in Sri Lanka. The aim of this research is to develop a policy framework for the water services sector of the country. 

Before joining LIRNEasia, Gayashi has worked mostly in non-profit organizations dealing with project management and market research. She has worked on projects involving vocational training, SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) development and social enterprise development. She also has experience in conducting market research on consumer behaviour with a focus on ASEAN countries. 

She holds a Bachelors degree in Business Management from National University of Ireland and a MBA from the Postgraduate Institute of Management, Sri Lanka. She is also a PMI (Project Management Institute) certified project manager. 


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