Kasun Suranga


Kasun joined LIRNEasia soon after completing his advanced Level examination. As a trainee accounts assistant at LIRNEasia, he assisted the accountant and senior finance manager in all accounting-related work. Kasun left LIRNEasia in September 2010 to pursue his bachelor’s degree in accountancy at the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Kasun is a full time university student, reading for a BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) at the Faculty of Management and Finance, of the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. Kasun is also following a Chartered Accountancy course at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka, “to add a professional component” to his university education.  ‘In both cases,” says Kasun, “I think my time at LIRNEasia has come in extremely useful.”

Kasun started work at LIRNEasia as a Trainee Accounts Assistant, in October 2009 and was at LIRNEasiafor one year, until September 2010. He left LIRNEasia to accommodate a full time university education.

“LIRNEasia was my first exposure to the work environment and this is where I learned to apply accounting theories within real life situations. As a trainee I was guided by my superiors  Ms. Priyadarshani Liyanage and Ms. Prashanthi Weragoda,” says Kasun.

As a trainee, Kasun not only put his theoretical knowledge of accountancy into practice, but also gained additional skills, such as how to use accounting software. He was also exposed to tax related applications and human resource management. “Much of this knowledge,” says Kasun, “has come in directly useful in my studies due to the greater understanding I have of these subjects because of my work at LIRNEasia.”

In addition, Kasun says he developed a network of contacts during his time at LIRNEasia, that may also come in useful when he completes his university education and enters the corporate work environment.