Lorraine Carlos Salazar


As a research fellow at LIRNEasia, Lorraine led research on measuring telecom sector and regulatory performance in the Philippines. Her research interests include comparative political economy of Southeast Asia, in particular, market reforms and regulatory issues in telecommunications, ICTs and utilities. Lorraine has extensive experience as a senior research analyst at McKinsey & Company, assistant professor of political science at the University of the Philippines and a visiting research fellow at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore. She obtained her PhD from the Australian National University in 2004.

Lorraine has been with McKinsey and Company’s Singapore office since 2008, where she works as a Knowledge Specialist, focusing on telecommunications, media and regulations in Southeast Asia. Lorraine is also the author of “Getting a Dial Tone: Telecoms Reform in Malaysia and the Philippines” Singapore: ISEAS (2007).

As a research fellow at LIRNEasia, during 2005 – 2008, Lorraine led research on measuring the telecommunications sector and telecommunications sector regulatory performance in the Philippines, as part of a six country study. The project focused on factors that would enable the provision of more and better services, and networks, at affordable prices, to as many people as possible to promote telecommunications services in the Philippines, and identified reforms to the telecommunications sector. Lorraine was also involved in conducting analysis on the telecommunications sector of India, as part of the six country study.

She says her work exposed her to the telecom industry in South Asia, adding to her existing knowledge about the telecommunications sector in Southeast Asian countries.  “Previously my exposure was mainly in Southeast Asia, in particular the Philippines and Malaysia. Through my work at LIRNEasia, I gained deeper exposure and knowledge, not merely of Southeast Asian countries like Thailand and Indonesia, but also of South Asian countries like India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.”

Lorrain says her work at LIRNEasia has also helped expand her contacts and deepen cultural insights.

“Comparative analysis and exposure to peers, regulators and experts in these countries helped grow my network and knowledge of the greater region, providing better appreciation of the similarities and differences in challenges facing our regulators and telecom operators, and the cultural and social differences between South and Southeast Asia,” she explains.

Finally, working with LIRNEasia has provided Lorraine with the opportunity to work and network with colleagues globally, from Africa, Latin America, the US and Europe,  “which provided a fantastic introduction to varying working styles and cultures, not to mention the comparative content learning,” she says.

Lorraine says the LIRNEasia experience serves as an important building block and is directly relevant to her present occupation as a telecommunications expert, assisting top management clients meet their objectives.