Mohammad Abdul Mobarak


Mobarak  is a former Senior Research Fellow for Bangladesh, where he led  the Telecommunication Regulatory Environment (TRE) study of Bangladesh in 2008. Mobarak has held senior positions in government including Prime Minister’s Office, Ministries of Posts and Telecommunications, Home Affairs, Family Welfare and Establishments and Bangladesh Election Commission. He has also worked as Deputy Commissioner and District Magistrate for Dhaka and Sherpur Districts and Additional District Magistrate for, Dhaka District. He has actively participated in various policy formulation works of the government and administered development projects impacting the people’s socio-economic standards. He has also worked as part time trainer and examiner on criminal laws, environmental laws, cyber laws, land laws, service laws, rules and regulations in various institutions and academies since 1993. Mobarak holds an MA in History from the University of Chittagong.