Subhash Bhatnagar


As a research fellow in India, Subhash led a study on the provision of government services over the mobile phone in India, a part of LIRNEasia‘s Mobile 2.0 research project. Prof. Bhatnagar is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras and the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. Prof. Bhatnagar worked for 30 years at IIMA before taking an early retirement in September 2003. He has served as Visiting Professor at Eastern and Southern African Management Institute, Tanzania,Fairleigh Dickinson University, New JerseyNew York University, and Visiting Fellow at East West Centre, Hawaii and University of North Carolina, Chapell Hill. Prof. Bhatnagar also spent two full years and four half years at the World Bank in Washington DC to mainstream e-Government into activities of the World Bank. Prof. Bhatnagar’s academic research, teaching and consulting work has covered National IT Policy, Corporate IT strategy, IT for development, E-Government and E-Commerce. He has authored many research papers and books, including ‘Information and Communication Technology in Development: Cases from India’ published by Sage Publications in 2000 and ‘e-Government: From Vision to Implementation’. Prof Bhatnagar has served on many committees set up by Government of India and is currently a member of the National Advisory Council on eGovernment.

Professor Bhatnagar is an adjunct professor at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India, where he teaches courses on eGovernance and ICT for Development, to MBA students. He also provides training and consulting services to Senior Administrators and Political Executives in conceptualising, designing and implementing eGovernance programmes and projects. In addition, he serves on various committees of the Government of India, some state Governments, and Industry associations, to provide policy guidance for eGovernance programmes.

“My time at LIRNEasia has not directly influenced my current occupation as a teacher of management science. However, I can say that it was my time at LIRNEasia that sparked my interest in the subject of mGovernance,” says Professor Bhatnagar.  “I wrote a policy paper on the subject after studying a field example in India and participating in workshops on LIRNEasia’s research in the telecommunications sector in South Asian countries.” Professor Bhatnagar says he continues to be greatly interested in the emerging areas of mGovernance and eGovernance and hopes to communicate its possibilities to society through his role as an educator and an evangelist.