Sujata Gamage

Senior Research Fellow

Sujata Gamage, PhD MPA, specializes in planning, evaluation and capacity building in public policy using data analytics, institutional research, performance evaluations, scoping studies, systematic reviews, statistical methods, and simulations – with a focus on education and training, ICT in education, research, research networks and public sector performance. She is currently a Senior Research Fellow at LIRNEasia, a regional think tank based In Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Her recent research includes open data for transparency in electoral demarcations, Indicators of workforce readiness for the 21st century in the context of ICT-enabled freelance work, ICT for development education at institutions of higher learning in Asia, and Factors affecting the use of ICTs in the classroom by teachers.

Sujata’s public service work in recent times include serving as (1) Consultant to the Department of Elections with data and analysis in support of electoral reforms discourse in 2015 (2) Advisor on electoral reforms to the Forum of Minor Parties at the Steering Committee of the Constituent Assembly of the Parliament of Sri Lanka from 2016- to date, (3) Member of the Committee of Experts to review examinations and evaluation system and roles and functions of the Department of Examination of Sri Lanka.

In a formal capacity as a public policy professional Sujata has served as (a) Director General of the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission of Sri Lanka, revitalizing the implementation of an ADB funded project on a national vocational qualification framework for Sri Lanka (b) Consultant to the University Grants Commission of Sri Lanka developing faculty quality ranking for the system (c) Analytic Director of a team of consultants at QRC Macro International in Bethesda, Maryland, USA, responsible for conducting and reporting on science resources for the US National Science Foundation and (d) Strategic Planning Specialist at the Ohio State University, USA, developing an academic quality scorecard for that university, (e) Administrator of Research Support Programs at the Ohio Board of Regents, Ohio, USA.  In her previous career as a university teacher and researcher in Chemistry, she has served as a member of the faculty in the University of Sri Jayewardenapura and the University of Colombo.

Sujata holds Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of British Columbia and a subsequent Master’s in Public Administration from the Ohio State University of USA.

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