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Using Volunteer Computing for monitoring Broadband QoSE

Broadband Quality of Service Experience (QoSE) has been an area of research interest to LIRNEasia since December 2007. In the process of our research, the software application, AT-Tester was developed as a testing tool in order to monitor broadband QoSE. It is available for free downloading. Users can test the quality of their connectivity and upload the results to server for viewing by others.

The results or data uploaded are available in the public domain. It can be used to make decisions on connectivity by users and as evidence for policy decisions by policy makers.

The researchers working on the project, initially envisaged a volunteer computing model to gather data on broadband QoSE. The method is outlined in the paper: “Prospects of Volunteer Computing model in performance data gathering for Broadband Policy Formulation: A Case study from South Asia”.

The paper was presented at a workshop on broadband, “Beyond Broadband Access”, 22-24 September 2009, Washington DC with the attendance of senior scholars and researchers from the field. The paper and presentation received positive feedback and comments. The workshop was co-organised by the New America Foundation and the Pennsylvania State University.

The objectives behind the workshop were two-fold. To bring together researchers of broadband issues, share their research and form a network; and the discussion of issues pertaining to the broadband policies in USA. The presentations focused on a wide range of issues such as problems with access to and availability of broadband, lack of access and unavailability of necessary data for appropriate policy formulation and uses of broadband. The discussions revolved around these key topics. The lack of accepted international standardization in broadband was also another issue raised.


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