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Ghana echoes LIRNEasia: Minister bins ETNO doctrine

Ghana’s Communication Minister Mr. Haruna Iddrisu said his government “will not allow any economic cost or value to the internet that will limit access” and ubiquitous access to Internet is a “nonnegotiable” issue. In a stakeholder meeting Idrisu also said, “One ingredient that had helped Ghana to enjoy the stable and peaceful economy was access and use of ICT and that the Government would not interfere in what its Constitution has guaranteed.”

The government’s statement came within few days after Ghana News Agency ran a story based on LIRNEasia CEO Rohan Samarajiva’s article, “A Giant Step Backward or the Way Forward? An Analysis of Some Proposals before the WCIT.” It has been widely subscribed by other news outlets thereafter.

The GNA’s report covering Minister Iddrisu’s statement also carried Rohan’s warning, “African Governments must ensure that the promising entrepreneurship that had taken place on the continent as a result of Internet was not sacrificed through new international regulations being proposed this year.” Full report is here.


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