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Chairman: BTRC lacks capacity to publish indicators

National Telecom Policy of 1998 still governs Bangladesh. It has prompted the Telecom Reporters’ Network Bangladesh (TRNB) to organize a round table discussion titled “Revision of Telecom Policy” yesterday. Rohan Samarajiva was the keynote speaker in this event. Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology Minister Abdul Latif Siddique and BTRC chairman Sunil Kanti Bose along with the telecom sector’s key officials were present.

Rohan has urged to improve the indicators of Bangladesh by setting milestones in the revised telecom policy. Minister Siddique responded explicitly:

“The telecom policy will be revised… You [BTRC and stakeholders] take initiatives and prepare a precise proposal after holding discussions on it. If you can convince me, I will go to the prime minister regarding the issue.”

BTRC chairman Sunil Kanti Bose has, however, stunned the audience when he cited inadequate capacity in updating the sectoral indicators:

The BTRC officials do not have adequate qualification to publish indicators of the country’s telecom industry, he added.

Download the presentation titled “State of play” of Rohan Samarajiva.


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