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Is China a good place to store data in?

We’ve been writing about the dangers posed by the governments of the places where data are stored wanting access. Now, with US courts trying to exercise extra-territorial jurisdiction, it looks like China might be a safe place?

Apple Inc has begun storing personal data for some Chinese users on servers provided by China Telecom, marking the first time that the company has stored user data on mainland Chinese soil.

Apple attributed the move to an effort to improve the speed and reliability of its service.

It also represents a departure from the policies of some technology companies, notably Google Inc, which has long refused to build data centres in China due to censorship and privacy concerns.

All data stored with China Telecom, as with all data centre providers worldwide, will be encrypted, Apple said in a statement on Friday.


1 Comment to Is China a good place to store data in?

  1. Abu Saeed Khan's Gravatar Abu Saeed Khan
    August 17, 2014 at 10:40 am | Permalink

    Gmail is the most sensitive segment of Google’s data. App Store of Apple, on the contrary, contains only audio and video contents. Therefore, privacy is a lesser sensitive issue with Apple. China Telecom can offer better experience to its customers once the App Store resides closer to its network. As a result, both the companies will make more money. It’s a business deal.


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