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Sri Lanka in violation of WTO commitments

Preparing for a TV interview on spectrum, I checked the website of the Telecom Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka to see if I could see the National Frequency Allocation Table (NFAT) or the Master Register, which used to be publicly available from 2003. It was not available for perusal on the TRC website.

This is a legal requirement deriving from Sri Lanka’s international commitments under the GATS, the relevant article being:

Any procedures for the allocation and use of scarce resources, including frequencies, numbers and rights of way, will be carried out in an objective, timely, transparent and non-discriminatory manner. The current state of allocated frequency bands will be made publicly available, but detailed identification of frequencies allocated for specific government uses is not required.

It appears the we are in violation of our WTO commitments. The RTI law may hopefully prod the TRC into action.


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