Barack Obama gives up his plans for ‘Net Neutrality’?

Posted on September 23, 2008  /  5 Comments

This might not be good news for the proponents of Net Neutrality. Barack Obama has recently edited his website with significant revisions to the technology plans. Guess what goes out. A large paragraph on Net Neutrality! (which is reproduced below):

[quote] Users must be free to access content, to use applications, and to attach personal devices. They have a right to receive accurate and honest information about service plans. But these guarantees are not enough to prevent network providers from discriminating in ways that limit the freedom of expression on the Internet. Because most Americans only have a choice of only one or two broadband carriers, carriers are tempted to impose a toll charge on content and services, discriminating against websites that are unwilling to pay for equal treatment. This could create a two-tier Internet in which websites with the best relationships with network providers can get the fastest access to consumers, while all competing websites remain in a slower lane. Such a result would threaten innovation, the open tradition and architecture of the Internet, and competition among content and backbone providers. It would also threaten the equality of speech through which the Internet has begun to transform American political and cultural discourse. Barack Obama supports the basic principle that network providers should not be allowed to charge fees to privilege the content or applications of some web sites and Internet applications over others. This principle will ensure that the new competitors, especially small or non-profit speakers, have the same opportunity as incumbents to innovate on the Internet and to reach large audiences. Obama will protect the Internet’s traditional openness to innovation and creativity and ensure that it remains a platform for free speech and innovation that will benefit consumers and our democracy. [unquote]

Hmmmm…We note Obama still keeps the term ‘Net Neutrality’ there – perhaps for old times’ sake – but now it is certain he is no more a fan of the idea.

For more revisions look here.


  1. Oh bugger.

    Strangely though, the complete text of what was taken out from the site is still available for download as a PDF from the bottom of this page –

    Direct download here –


    Read this. He still supports Net Neutrality. The above edits were to simplify his Technology policy during the election

  3. Very interesting. I remember Professor Lawrence Lessig, of Stanford Law School and Creative Commons fame, endorsed Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton with this specific issue in mind. It would now be interesting to see how much “change” president elect actually brings to Washington, as now he would like to broaden his base to include republican citizenry of the country, though he does not need to.

  4. Tom, there is nothing at

    perhaps Obama will appoint the father of the internet to a science position? I miss Gore

  5. I don’t really think this means he isn’t a “fan” of Net Neutrality. He clearly states in the modified version that the internet must maintain its neutrality, he just got rid of the “Giant Wall of Text”.