Finland made 1 Mbps every citizen’s birthright

Posted on October 16, 2009  /  0 Comments

The Finns have done it again. Accessing to Internet at minimum (not up to) 1 Mbps speed is the birthright of every Finnish citizen, announced the government. It makes Finland the world’s first country ensuring high speed broadband access a fundamental right, Telecom Asia reports. The government has also planned to make the 100 Mbps broadband connection a legal right for each countryman by the end of 2015.

Finland launched the world’s first commercial GSM network in 1991. Again its name was engraved in history when Finland’s mobile penetration crossed PSTN in 1998. The Laplanders rocked the industry when it introduced the world’s first 3G services in 900 MHz at the end of 2007. Progressing to another dimension of governance by making broadband its citizens’ birthright is the result of Finland’s effective regulation and honest policy.

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