Cloning Padeniya: Value-chain research in Sunday Times

Posted on June 26, 2011  /  0 Comments

LIRNEasia’s research on agricultural value chains is in the press. Nilusha Kapugama’s response to a feature on one of the most successful rubber smallholder cooperatives has been carried in the Sunday Times. It covers the topics of start-up costs, law and order issues and the high transaction costs that prevent more auctions being conducted (and Padeniya not expanding):

Our research included conversations with a key mover in the Padeniya Thurusaviya society, Mr Berty Lionel. We agree that Padeniya is a great success. Where we differ is on the likelihood it can easily be replicated across the rubber-growing areas.

We wish it were so, but as researchers, we know that wishes do not equate with realistic policy recommendations. This article seeks to identify the conditions that will allow more Padeniyas to emerge, helping improve the livelihoods of the smallholders.

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