Media coverage for pineapple value-chain research

Posted on October 30, 2011  /  2 Comments

The October 13th dissemination event has generated more coverage, this time in the Sunday Times, the leading English weekly.

LIRNEasia, a think tank headquartered in Sri Lanka and representing South Asian, has teamed up with the Lanka Fruits, Vegetable Producers and Exporters Association (LFVPEA) and are jointly involved in a project to find out ways and means of obtaining more money from agriculture – and to improve the agriculture value chain to make it a win-win solution.

They held an open discussion programme with expert research findings last week at the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce Auditorium and the focus at this open forum was on pineapple growing and how to assist the pineapple smallholders to overcome the hassles in producing quality consistent fruit, and to ascertain on adequate supplies to the export market.


  1. Small farmers specifically needs to be educated on the forward side of linkage starting after harvesting of the produce and reaching to final consumer at the end.
    Supply chain, logistic, warehousing, Insurance, Inventory management, etc plays a vital role in deciding the hard come profit share to both end of value chain (farmers and end buyer).
    The value for money is the utmost important aspect on which most of the corporate worlds around globe drive profitability lacks in context to the farmers which is primitive business in world running now also.

  2. Thank you for the comment. We are particularly interested in what private sector firms, using ICTs, can do to improve the conditions for small holders. The report is undergoing last revisions and will be on the website shortly. If CAIM is doing pineapple (or Mango/Pomegranate) related work in Maharashtra, we’d be happy to share findings.