New FAO chief addresses inclusion

Posted on January 6, 2012  /  0 Comments

We’ve been seen as an ICT shop, wrongly. To us ICT is a domain. We apply the tools of economics, law and public-policy analysis to various domains. In the past it has been primarily ICTs. But agriculture is a domain we have been active in for some time, with the engagement increasing qualitatively in recent times. As a result, we now pay attention to the goings on at FAO and IFAD.

Here is a quotation from the new Director General of the FAO, Jose Graziano da Silva:

At present, for instance, yields on plots managed by women are lower than those managed by men. Not because women are worse farmers than men, but because they simply do not have the same access to resources like land, technology, and inputs. Getting women to participate fully in our efforts to end hunger will make a crucial difference.

In making a new start in the fight against hunger we should look for fresh, innovative solutions. Injecting resources in rural economies, through cash transfer programs and production incentives for example, has immediate positive effects in stimulating local growth. Jobs and incomes are created, markets for small-scale farmers are generated and the local supply of fresh, safe and nutritious food is increased.

This caught our eye because he’s addressing the class of issues that are at the center of our present work: inclusion.

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