One vision of how agricultural supply chains will be reformed (and smallholders will benefit)

Posted on October 9, 2012  /  0 Comments

Technocrats (and people like us who emphasize the rational) would prefer a rational, integrated solution. But we rarely get greenfield opportunities. In almost all cases vested interests dominate. So the reform that gets done is imperfect and messy. This is the message P Chidambaram, Minister of Finance seems to be giving to NYT.

The gates will open but there will not be a flood. What will happen is they will come, one by one. And sometimes, the parts will come and you will see the whole after only some time. Somebody will come in and build the storage house, the warehouses. Someone will come in and build the cold chain. Someone will come in and build the supermarket. Someone will come in and bring post-harvest technologies.

One fine day you will find all this coming together and you will have very strong chain from farm to supermarket. So I think they will come one by one, or they will come in parts and the whole will emerge later.

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