Big Data: Implications for competitiveness, privacy and marginalization

Posted on August 27, 2015  /  0 Comments

I moderated CPRsouth 10’s opening plenary that looked at the competitiveness, privacy and marginalization issues associated with the emerging field of big data. Attached are the questions that I circulated beforehand to the experts who participated in the discussion. Here is an excerpt. The document also contains several annexes that provide examples and definitions about the terms that are used.

5.0 Those who advocate strong privacy protection may imply that being insulated from data collection is an ideal condition. But what are the consequences of being excluded from data streams that influence resource allocation? See Annex 4 for two illustrations.
5.1 As the world moves toward greater reliance on data analytics, will we see a new divide emerging between those who are visible to the data analysts and those who are not?

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