Code4Good: Can volunteer coders develop apps that will help smallholders participate in agri supply chains

Posted on September 19, 2015  /  0 Comments

For the past week or so, LIRNEasia’s ICT for agriculture researchers have been interacting with three groups of coders who want to respond to our pitch described below.

In Sri Lanka, a considerable amount of information relevant to farmers involved in the export sector is held within government departments and Ministries. How can we create a solution that enables farmers to receive important information vital to their work and also allow them to share information about disease outbreaks and other issues?

Solution: Create an app that has information related to crop advise, the ability to take geo-tagged photographs and to upload to a platform for identifying and tracking diseases, and a platform where farmers can advertise to exporters.

I understand there’s a lot of activity this weekend at the offices of WSO2 which have been volunteered for this Code4Good event. We thank the coders and Code4Good for creating this platform and also to the Department of Agriculture which has been kind enough to share the data and look forward to seeing the outcome.

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