LIRNEasia big data research cited in Mongolia

Posted on February 26, 2016  /  0 Comments

It’s always a pleasure to hear LIRNEasia research cited by others.  Its even more pleasing when the person mentioning it is a senior government official (in this case the Chairman of Mongolia’s National Statistics Office) and that too at a briefing for senior government officials at Mongolia’s Parliament. Without knowing that LIRNEasia too was in the room, Chairman Mendsaikhan showcased some of LIRNEasia’s ongoing big data research as examples that were relevant for Mongolia and which should be ideally replicated.

The briefing was part of a series of events on Data for Development held in Ulaanbaatar on 24th and 25th Feb 2016. The events were jointly organized by the World Bank and the Cabinet Secretariat of Mongolia, who had invited me to share our experience in leveraging big data for development in Sri Lanka. My slides from the two events that I presented at are below. For a country with a population slightly under 3 million, it was impressive how much interest there seemed to be on leveraging data. I say this based on the number of people who attended the public event, as well as based on my conversations with city and state officials over the last two days. The capital city of Ulaanbaatar will unveil its open data portal within a month, and also has ambitious aims of pulling data from different agencies so as to provide a unified service entry point for citizens.

Presentation to government officials, 24th Feb 2016

Presentation to the general public, 25th February 2016

As for Chairman Mendsaikhan, upon realizing after my presentation that we were responsible for the work he was talking about, he publicly requested for our help to conduct similar work in Ulaanbaatar. We are happy to help. Catalysis is after all one of our chief goals at LIRNEasia.

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