Big data policy discussed at ITS

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data-headI am speaking on a big data panel at the 21st ITS Biennial Conference in Taipei, described below:

If Big Data can open up opportunities at the same time it raises serious policy issues. Big Data raises concerns about the protection of privacy and other values and may drive a rethink of traditional approaches to data governance: a shift from trying to control the data itself to focusing on the uses of data. Prevalent data standard protection may have become higher as legal standard may be inadequate. Openness of the data and data ownership are pending issues. Besides, the rise of the “Data Barons” is triggering market concentration and data oligopolies issues: “Dark Side of market concentration and data oligopolies.”

In all cases it opens a lot of space for policymakers to intervene so as to create the right conditions for an implementation that could benefit all stakeholders. Governments have a role to play not only to fine tune the regulatory framework but also to make the most for the public sector, to pioneer the use of big data. The last session of the panel will draw the lessons of the previous two sessions.

This panel on Big Data aims at allowing to confront the views of experts from industry, policy makers and academia. It will present some case studies with a focus on Asian cases. It will review the main regulatory and policy issues. The panel will be structured along three sessions. The panel will start with concrete problems and case studies. The second part will deal with regulatory and policy issues. The last session will blend the two approaches

Half the time I am dealing with lawyers who want to extend conventional privacy regulation to big data. Guess tomorrow will be different. Less lawyers, more interdisciplinary.

My Samarajiva Taipei BigData.

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