ICTD 2016

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The 8th International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies and Development (ICTD 2016) was held from 3- 6th June 2016. The conference held at the University of Michigan, saw a variety of sessions on different topics. LIRNEasia participated in the session on ‘Debating Open Development: Sharing and Interrogating Experiences of Developing Cross-Cutting Theory in ICTD’ organized by the Strengthening Information Society Research Capacity Alliance (SIRCA). This session provided an introduction to the SIRCA III Research Programme. LIRNEasia has been selected as one of the teams to conduct research in the empirical phase of the SIRCA III Programme.

SIRCA is a theory and capacity building research programme examining information society issues, administered by the Singapore Internet Research Centre.Theoretical frameworks developed during the theoretical phase of the project, are now being tested through the empirical phase of the project. The research proposal put forward by LIRNEasia will explore the theoretical framework of ‘Resources, Learning and Inclusion in Open Development’

During the ICTD Open Session members from each theoretical and empirical team gave a brief outline of their project, and attendees were then given the chance to interact with the project teams. Attendees were also offered the chance to collaborate with theoretical teams through an open call for proposals for a book publication on Open Development.

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