Sensing Space with Big Data

Posted on May 25, 2017  /  0 Comments

The digital world is exploding with uncountable data. Millions of users generate information via thousands of sources every day. This data is then consumed for a number of purposes from business to entertainment.

Is there a purpose and potential for big data beyond business and entertainment?

The big data team at LIRNEasia is trying to answer this question.

We study large chunks of data from various sources such as mobile networks, social media, satellite imagery and video surveillance. Our goal is to develop insights for policy evidence, which then lead to better policy-making. We believe that big data is an endless goldmine if we have purpose and know how to dig. We are excited to share stories from our analyses and demonstrate how data can shape the future of connected life.

This is a short presentation I made at the Internet Governance Forum 2017, based on some of our ongoing work.

The study applies statistical and machine learning methods to various sources of data, for land use estimation. Our objective was to complement traditional land-use estimation methods which are costly and time-consuming.

Our early results demonstrate the potential of using openly available big data sources for tasks such as land use estimation.

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