Sustainable waste disposal initiative launched by LIRNEasia, Sarvodaya & Federation of Local Government Authorities

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In 2008-2010, LIRNEasia conducted a major research program on knowledge to innovation in solid waste management. Building on that knowledge base, a new campaign that seeks to draw on the best-available technical expertise and community engagement was launched on the one-month anniversary of the garbage mountain collapse in Meethotamulla:

The campaign was formalised on 14 May in recognition of the one month anniversary of Meethotamulla. It is a joint effort by LIRNEasia, Sarvodaya and the Federation of Sri Lankan Local Government Authorities to find solutions for disposing our waste without harming people or the environment.

There are many commendable efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle waste at the source, but very little attention is paid to the regulation of waste disposal sites. The campaign hopes to fill that void. The present partnership is only a start. We need other like-minded individuals and organisations to come on board. Following is a working set of goals, objectives, and activities.

Goals and objectives

The ultimate goal is it to ensure that we have the infrastructure and regulatory framework, at national, provincial or regional level, necessary for sustainable solid waste disposal. Goals are lofty ideals. Measurable objectives help one stay on course.

The short-term objective being considered by the campaign is to ensure that waste is disposed without causing harm to the people or the environment in at least one local authority by 14 April 2018, one year after the Meethotamulla tragedy.

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