Elements of a broadband policy for Sri Lanka, based on LIRNEasia’s regional research

Posted on September 11, 2017  /  6 Comments

Agenda – Broadband Forum 2017

It has been a while since we have engaged with telecom policy and regulation in Sri Lanka. The Ministry of Telecom and Digital Infrastructure invited me to speak at their flagship event sponsored by Huawei.

Our research has been on broadband in countries in the region. So the talk seeks to draw out the lessons from the region for Sri Lanka.


  1. Prof – are u trying a backdoor entry to trc again?

    1. I give talks like this all over the region, e.g., http://lirneasia.net/2015/08/advancing-implementation-of-digital-bangladesh/

      What’s your problem?

      1. My problem if you call it a problem is that you have vested interests and those interests are inimical to the general welfare and well being of Sri Lankans. In the grand chess game you are also a pawn. A well paid pawn nevertheless.

  2. I speak on a subject I am an expert on, based on evidence. What is the basis for your allegations that I have vested interests; that these undefined vested interests are inimical to welfare and well being of Sri Lankans and who I am a pawn for?

  3. Ah! the lawyer in you is in your bones! Sounds like you are defending even before you are charged! Re ipsa loquitur!

    I have not made any allegations against you. Mere statements I have made.

    Whose pawn are you? Seriously Rohan! With a PhD you ask stuff like that?

    You should rather be intrigued about “The grand chess game” I was referring to.

  4. Edmond

    Dr Samarajiva is a man of impeccable character and a person who holds ground at international level about whom we Srilankans should be proud of.

    Appears you have vested interests. Are you also a pawn in someone”s chess game?