LIRNEasia research contributes to broadband being included within USF definition in Myanmar

Posted on January 9, 2018  /  0 Comments

The consultation document on Myanmar’s Universal Service Strategy includes the following paragraph:

For Myanmar, mobile voice and broadband data services are considered basic communications services and thus are part of the country’s universal service definition. In 2016, 83% of households have a mobile phone, and 78% of mobile phone owners have a smartphone, allowing broadband Internet services to be used on mobile devices. Clearly, the large majority of the population enjoys these services, therefore these ‘universal’ services also need to be made available for the minority that do not have these services today.

Given how many countries debated whether or not broadband should be included in universal service subsidy programs, the above conclusion at the very outset of the program is quite significant. The conclusion is based on specific evidence. Even though the paragraph does not include the source, we know the data are from our 2016 teleuse survey.

Not bad for policy impact.

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