The gender opportunity: USD840bn, possibly more?

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GSMA recently published its 2019 Gender Gap study . In addition to measuring the gender gap in 18 countries based on  its own country-level surveys, GSMA goes on further to extrapolate the gender gap to 10 more countries using ‘third-party and publicly available survey data we considered robust,’ including AfterAccess data for four countries: Cambodia,Paraguay,Peru,Rwanda . These gender gaps are further used to quantify how much of a business opportunity exists if as many women (as men) are connected, but also if all women were to spend as much on mobile and internet services as men. The estimated opportunity in total is as high as  USD840b over five years.  Huge.

While the extrapolated gender gaps are not published in the report to compare with ours, the above is a comparison of the GSMA survey-based estimates of the gender gaps (though for the 18+ age group in each country, using a mix of random, quota and purposive sampling methods), versus the AfterAccess estimates (based on AfterAccess surveys of the 15-65 age group, using random sampling at all stages of sample selection). The overall trends between the two surveys follow a similar pattern, though there are some differences in the estimates in for example India, where the two surveys yield quite different estimates of the mobile ownership gender gap.   The AfterAccess estimates are generally higher than the GSMA ones, so perhaps the opportunity could be even higher than USD840bn.

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