Telling Stories: On Culturally Responsive Artificial Intelligence

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Intended for policymakers, technologists, educators and others, this international collection of 19 short stories delves into AI’s cultural impacts with hesitation and wonder. Authors from Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, India, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, the United States, and elsewhere vividly recount the anticipated influences of AI on love, time, justice, identity, language, trust, and knowledge through the power of narrative.

The Global Summit on Culturally Responsive AI is part of the Tech Policy Lab’s Global Summit Initiative (2016-present). The Global Summits convene twenty to thirty thought leaders from around the world representing design, ethics, governance, policy, and technology. Summits aim to frame and begin progress on pressing grand challenges for tech policy, providing opportunities for collaboration on global and local issues. The 2018 Global Summit structured conversation around grand challenges for developing and disseminating artificial intelligence technologies that maintain respect for and enhance culture and diversity of worldview.

Read the full e-publication here: Telling Stories On Culturally Responsive Artificial Intelligence

EDITED BY: Ryan Calo, Batya Friedman, Tadayoshi Kohno, Hannah Almeter and Nick Logler


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