LIRNEasia’s Chairman speaks about the importance of continuous education

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LIRNEasia Chair, Rohan Samarajiva shared a message with students in Sri Lanka who have completed their formal education on SLVLOG Good Vibes.

On this segment, he stepped back in time to compare the changes that had occurred during a time when was undergoing his education to that of the present where the availability of technology and other factors have considerably changed over the years. With the emergence of Data Analytics, Data Science or Big data, the world has streamlined many processes with the ability to analyse large amounts of data and explore avenues which were previously impossible or take large amounts of time.

As an educator, his advice to students was that – “One should always update their knowledge, should find new knowledge, find knowledge that did not exist before. Referring to Data, Algorithms and Policy at LIRNEasia, he went on to state that when recruiting members, “we do not give much weightage for certificates, we assign them a problem to solve in the interview. You cannot reject certificates but it certificates alone will not help.”

The key takeaway to someone who has just finished their formal education is that “Do not stop educating yourself, educate yourself and be vigilant of things that are needed for you. There is a difference between certificates versus education and knowledge.”

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