Report Published: Meeting the Challenges of Information Disorder in the Global South

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LIRNEasia conducted research and authored the chapter on the Asian region as part of the study “Meeting the Challenges of Information Disorder in the Global South,” a mapping of the “information disorder” (a broad term used to encompass misinformation, disinformation, hate speech etc.) and efforts taken to deal with it. The project was headed by Herman Wasserman of the University of Cape Town, and involved teams covering Sub-Saharan Africa (Research ICT Africa), Latin America (InternetLab), and the Middle East and North Africa (Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism) and Asia (LIRNEasia).

The report may be accessed here, and the announcement of the report may be found here.

Gayashi Jayasinghe, Ramathi Bandaranayake, Helani Galpaya, Azamat Ababakirov, and Ruwanka de Silva formed the LIRNEasia team which worked on this project.

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