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Flawed law recalled in Myanmar?

Posted on September 13, 2012  /  0 Comments

In July, I wrote that Myanmar was about to adopt a flawed telecom law, which had the support of the Bangkok Office of the ITU. Appears that saner counsel had prevailed: Two other sources with close knowledge said the government realized its mistakes this July, when a revised law sent to President Thein Sein was quietly recalled because it was “deeply flawed”. A senior government official said Thein Sein wants to implement reforms fast, aware of the proven links between telecoms expansion and GDP growth and the urgent need for transparency in a crucial sector. Expansion and liberalization would not only create thousands of jobs in a country with chronic unemployment, but it would also allow for mobile money services, like transferring cash that could be collected by a relative in rural areas by showing a simple text message. “It’s not just phones, it’s other cross-cutting factors.