CPRsouth paper-giver’s op-ed is published while she’s at conference

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CPRsouth seeks to encourage evidence-based interventions by members. It was a happy coincidence that an op-ed by a paper-giver at CPRsouth7 appeared in print while she was at the conference in Mauritius. She had written it up based on the paper delivered there:

The diagram shows the percentage increase from 2009 to 2010 in the number of Facebook users among the top five countries on Facebook and the largest increase was recorded in Indonesia (793 percent).

Using web analytics, it was found that Facebook was a popular upstream site that online users visited prior to their visit to official government websites.

Over 70 percent of Facebook users in Indonesia access the social media site through their mobile phones (Facebook, 2011). Thus, these social media sites constitute an important channel through which updates and announcements can be made by the government.


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