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Ayesha Zainudeen

Senior Research Manager

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Ayesha is a Senior Research Manager at LIRNEasia, where her core research area is mobile and Internet usage in Asia, with a particular focus on low income markets and market segments in Asia. She has over ten years of extensive experience in this field, focusing on demand-side data collection and analysis, through a variety of methods.

Her recent work has focused on identifying factors associated with the adoption of mobile phones and mobile data services in Myanmar, a newly liberalized environment, particularly among women and micro-enterprises, using nationally representative survey data. She co-led a joint LIRNEasia-GSM Association Connected Women study on mobiles and Internet use among women in Myanmar in 2015 involving collection and analysis of survey and qualitative data. She is currently involved in an impact assessment of mobile phone communication in Myanmar, using an Instrumental Variable approach. She is also involved in comparative research on the national broadband initiatives in India (BharatNet) and Indonesia (Palapa Ring Initiative), using survey and qualitative data to identify policy recommendations to improve last-mile connectivity in both countries. She is also currently involved in research on the impact of tariff changes on energy demand in Sri Lanka, with an aim to re-designing electricity tariffs and projecting future demand, leading the survey component of the project.

She was the research manager for four consecutive multi-country studies of telecom use at the bottom of the pyramid (Teleuse@BOP 2011, 2008, 2006, 2005), looking into current as well as potential use of telecom services through quantitative and qualitative research in six countries.  Other previous research has included the use of mobiles for livelihood-related purposes, the use of telecenters for government information and services, as well as the conditions for mobile commerce applications, in low income contexts.




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